Monday, May 13, 2013

Life's Meaning is in the Margins

Everybody's busy.

Everybody's page is full lists and notes and additions and deletions with smudged erasures and dark cross-outs and scribbles and doodles in cursive and print and symbols and numbers with so many annotations that if you tried to take in all at once, you wouldn't be able to read a single word.

But it's not just the words on the paper that are important, much of the meaning lies in the pages margins.  These often overlooked annotations are what life is really about.

It's those small, common, everyday notations that we take for granted and do not recognize the value and the astonishing greatness in such small things.

Try washing the dishes deliberately.  Focus on each caress of each plate or bowl or platter or spoon or for or pan.  Feel the fine smoothness of the plastic; feel the dragging studder of the clean wet glass.  Realize that these are the tools of the meal, the mainstay of the family unit which is all too often marginalized by our busy schedules.

Life is in the margins.

Everybody's busy.

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